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Super Blood Wolf Moon - Definition and Effects

Unlike Metonic cycles, Saros cycles eclipses bring an element of change. The Saros eclipse will be connected with a theme that was prevalent in your life 19 years ago, or 38 years ago etc. If for example 19 years ago you quit your job, now you can respond to a job change in a different way: change your career, or decide to start a business. Leo is the king of the jungle. All other planets revolve around the Sun. The key word for Leo is leadership. This is not the leadership embraced by politicians or managers of big corporations.

Total Lunar Eclipse In Leo - The Final Act -

Leo, just like the Sun, simply shines, and wants to be acknowledged and accepted as who he or she truly is. The positive manifestation of Leo energy is assured self-confidence, competence, generosity and healthy pride. The negative manifestation of Leo turns pride into hubris. The desire to be acknowledged and accepted can become too forceful and dramatic.

It speaks about the divine power we can ignite when we fully put our heart into something. But the Sabian symbol also draws our attention to the danger of hubris. Because this is a Lunar Eclipse, allow your earthly wisdom to take over this time. And because the Eclipse is square Uranus and opposite Mercury, open your mind to different points of view. Because this is the last eclipse in Leo at least in the next 17 years or so , this Eclipse will bring the resolution of all the other eclipses in Leo.

Ultimately, the Lunar Eclipse in Leo is your opportunity to heal your heart. This is your opportunity to transform pride into purpose, selfishness into generosity, and turn your creative fire into authentic self-expression. Also, look at your natal chart for the house that contains Leo. This Lunar Eclipse will stir up events related to this house.

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Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse + Venus Jupiter Most Romantic Day of The Year! Jan 20-26 2019 Horoscope

In january my daughter was born. She will be 18 in a few days time.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Believe it or not but today I had a very crampy feeling in my lower belly, also a strong lower backache. All sort of things run through my mind and emotions run high indeed.

I have a Leo sun at 4. We both have Saturn in the 8th house. I am trying to figure out how this eclipse will help or hurt us. It depends in which houses the eclipse takes place, and also on which house Saturn rules. I am looking forward to seeing how this Eclipse triggers a change in our relationship. At the Saros cycle 18 years ago I decided to up sticks and move to the UK, in search of a place that was more me, I moved 6 months later and am still here. Now the UK has sort of stopped feeling right and I really need to go.

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Just where to? A question I ask myself since quite some time without an answer. The eclipse falls into my 4th house, not quite opposite Saturn in Capricorn in Apart from Uranus and Lilith I have no planets in Leo.

eclipse 19 january astrology Eclipse 19 january astrology
eclipse 19 january astrology Eclipse 19 january astrology
eclipse 19 january astrology Eclipse 19 january astrology
eclipse 19 january astrology Eclipse 19 january astrology
eclipse 19 january astrology Eclipse 19 january astrology
eclipse 19 january astrology Eclipse 19 january astrology
eclipse 19 january astrology Eclipse 19 january astrology

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