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What can you let go of at this eclipse—and leave behind in this decade—to start fresh? The twelfth house rules art, spirituality and fantasy, and this could be a richly imaginative holiday for you. On December 27, the Sun and expansive Jupiter make their once-a-year conjunction, uniting in Capricorn. Perhaps you finally release control and allow yourself to receive. You might feel like doing something exclusive with a creative twist. A vision board party or tickets to an avant-garde event could fit the bill.

With the moon and enchanting Neptune in Pisces and your sophisticated second house, dressing up for a private event intimate crowds only, please could be exactly your speed.


Making resolutions or setting intentions? But also ask the universe for a divine assist. Friends are standing by to support you and are probably just waiting for you to invite them! Synergistic sparks could fly. No matter HOW demanding work is, you owe it to yourself, your S. Make sure you oblige your S. Sparks could fly with a coworker or someone you meet at an industry event. And stack the deck in your favor by hovering under the mistletoe.

Whoever is on your arm, set your sights on high-end, VIP celebrations where you can play your part in being the power couple you are. And make sure you build in opportunities to cozy up a deux with the object of your affections. Of course, that may be a little challenging once Venus blazes into your sign on December 20, making you the apex of the action and attention wherever you go.

Been waiting for a special moment to debut a sleek and distinctive or just plain sexy new look? This is your moment to flaunt yourself! Your personal power and uniqueness are irresistibly attractive. Instead of resisting, turn inward and connect with the underlying fears and the core emotions that are keeping you stuck in this dynamic.

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If you need to set boundaries or have a straight conversation, do it. Power down…or fire it up? On the one hand, go-getter Mars is in Scorpio and your ambitious, success-driven tenth house from November 19 until January 3. Put your work out there, Water Bearer! From time to time over the next year until December 19, , you might feel like you could use a little more rest. Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto here and is offset by a December 26 solar eclipse. Translation: Before you can really land anywhere permanent, there may be a few matters to release or complete.

More food for thought during this introspective time: Are you truly passionate about your pursuits? On December 12, the Gemini full moon illuminates your fifth house of pleasure and creativity. These moonbeams shine directly into your heart. People could dangle tempting offers, pandering to your ego with flattery and big promises. With nebulous Neptune muddling the messaging, check the facts before you say yes to anything.

At odds with a coworker or in a social media scuffle? Clear the air instead of fanning the flames of he-said-she-said. Type keyword s to search. From Thursday until May 22, Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus and your fifth house of romance, making it hard to get a proper EKG reading on your own heart. While your own emotions run hot and cold, other people will send out mixed signals.

You could even hear from a complicated old flame — the one who always seems to draw you in and throw you off your game. Of course, Mercury retro CAN expose issues that need to be dealt with. Couples who work through problems in healthy ways usually wind up closer than ever.

Stay in touch.

On Friday, love planet Venus flutters into Taurus and your lovestruck fifth house, which can definitely offset some of the effects of Mercury retrograde. Hello, spring awakening! Your mojo will be sky-high during this three-week cycle — and there will be no shortage of romantic interests vying for a piece of your time. Give the style bloggers something to post about — your daring looks could set trends and even attract the interest of prominent creatives in your community. Just stick to temporary changes and save the tattoo appointment until after Mercury turns direct on May Aquarius January 20 to February 18 All is not quiet on the Aquarius homefront this week.

On Thursday, Mercury slips into a tense retrograde, backstroking through Taurus and your domestic fourth house until May Irritating behaviors that you were able to ignore last week could become grounds for Roommategate Family members could work your nerves, too. Time for some boundaries! This is not the time to sweep any household repairs under the rug. Call the building manager to fix the leaky sink or wonky electrical wiring before a real-deal problem erupts. Fortunately, on Friday, beautifying and harmonious Venus joins Mercury in your domestic sector, helping you approach any household issues calmly and diplomatically.

Venus is the astro aesthete and you'll be in the mood to decorate and entertain. Just stick to minor updates for now, however, and wait to pick out paint colors or wallpaper swatches when Mercury is direct on May Women will be great company, too, so host a dinner party or slumber party for the girls.

Pisces February 19 to March 20 Could you please repeat yourself, Pisces?

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This Thursday, a signal-scrambling Mercury retrograde goes down until May This one could be a bit of a double whammy for you, since it takes place in Taurus and your third house of communication. Getting your point across could be trying at times, making you seriously ponder a silent meditation retreat. Not a bad idea, at all. A sibling, neighbor, or coworker could have inexplicable beef. Try to get to the heart of the matter, but don't be afraid of taking some space if you keep on butting heads. Agreeing to disagree — and tabling the topic until after May 22 — would also be wise.

On Friday, Venus heads into Taurus, amping up your flirtatious nature and making it hard to settle down. Send up some smoke signals on Tinder or get out and mingle for some IRL connections. If you ARE in a relationship, the key to staying committed is to plan lots of playtime together. Let your inner culture vulture take the wheel and pick up pairs of tickets to concerts, festivals, wine tastings, and more.

Aries March 21 to April 19 Money may get funny this week, Aries, so keep a vigilant eye on your bank balance. On Thursday, Mercury turns retrograde in your second house of finances — a belt-tightening phase that lasts until May Read the return policies before sending off funds from your PayPal account and make sure you've got rent covered before you go on a spring dress-buying spree.

Shop in your own closet and use some upcycling hacks, like splashing a few colorful coats of paint and screwing new knobs onto a thrift store dresser. Keep the snarky messages OFF your company email account and when sending sensitive documents, password protect and make sure they are going to the right recipient. On Friday, ardent Venus leaves your sign and settles into earthy Taurus until May You'll have Venus to work with until then, so carpe diem! Use the workweek for making any bold declarations of love or asking someone you're crushing on to hang out.

Perhaps you've been a fickle flirt since Venus flitted into your sign on April 5. After Friday, you'll have an easier time settling down and focusing on — or finding — the person who loves you unconditionally and truly has your back.

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    Weekly Horoscope for November 25 - 1 December 2019 - Gregory Scott Astrology

    Found the story interesting? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. I am already a fan, don't show this again. Send MSN Feedback. How can we improve? Please give an overall site rating:. Get the iOS app. Send feedback. Your December Monthly Horoscope We're constantly fascinated by what our zodiac sign says about our lives, whether it's which signs are most compatible or how each sign handles conflict in Are you ready for Sagittarius season?

    Here's what's going on with the stars and planets in December , and your horoscope for health, relationships, and Get ready to turn your side hustle into your IRL dream job. This week, the AstroTwins break down the super rare like, hundreds of years in the making astrological transit that we'll be feeling for the next year.

    Weekly Horoscope: March 25 - 31

    How millennials and app culture turned astrology into a modern obsession Once dismissed as pseudoscience, astrology has been embraced by young people, and as it branches into apps, the practice has the potential to earn a lot of But when you find yourself falling for the same types of people Rob Breszny's Astrology: Nov. Shutterstock How app culture turned astrology into a modern obsession The first thing the astrology apps did was shred me to pieces. Co-Star told me that I express love through work and routine, and that I am preoccupied with death.

    Others feel more complete when they have a partner to tackle Moon Alert We have the all clear to shop and do business. The moon is in Aquarius. Aries March April 19 This is great day to schmooze with friends, groups We have the 'all clear' today to shop and do business.

    refinery29 horoscope march 25 Refinery29 horoscope march 25
    refinery29 horoscope march 25 Refinery29 horoscope march 25
    refinery29 horoscope march 25 Refinery29 horoscope march 25
    refinery29 horoscope march 25 Refinery29 horoscope march 25
    refinery29 horoscope march 25 Refinery29 horoscope march 25
    refinery29 horoscope march 25 Refinery29 horoscope march 25

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