Horoscope february 18 pisces or pisces

In an established relationship, December could be a very meaningful month. With Jupiter moving into your spiritual zone, you may feel driven to examine the karmic links between you and your lover — this could be very illuminating and will take your relationship to the next level for sure. If you meet someone new in December, it will most likely be through an unexpected coincidence, or a happy accident of some kind. However, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your impersonal zone is starting to take effect.

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In March, Saturn arrives in your spiritual zone and so does Mars. Follow up any instincts you have for a caring, more altruistic role. Mars moves into your own sign in May, and so your ambitions will return, but most likely heading in this new direction. During June, a Solar Eclipse in your ego zone and a Lunar Eclipse in your career zone both point toward this subtle shift of career interests — away from something individualistic and into a more demanding but arguably more important and satisfying role behind the scenes or in a support or caregiving role.

Follow your heart, Pisces. Through fall or spring — depending on your hemisphere Mars spends some time Retrograde in your money zone, which is another indicator that your plans may lead to an income drop. With Venus moving into your career zone and smoothing over any blips, things will go well. And as the year ends, Jupiter, the astrological bringer of good fortune, moves into your spiritual and sacrifice zone.

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  • If you do end up moving into a more vocation-like career, the signs are excellent that will bring you major satisfaction. Pisces Daily Horoscope February 18 - March Spend time in your garden today, or anywhere outside in nature. If the weather or your schedule keeps you indoors, take at least a few minutes to sit near a window and appreciate the natural light filtering in.

    Even little moments like these have the power to center your energy today. They keep you feeling settled and secure, which is a great foundation for any project you might have on your agenda.

    Aquarius Pisces Cusp – The Cusp of Sensitivity

    It's easy today to interact naturally with the world around you. Your physical senses are heightened, which makes tactile pleasures even more sensually appealing than usual. Sleep in or take a nap if you can -- purely for the pleasure of luxuriating in soft pillows and clean sheets! Physical movement feels wonderful now, too. Dancing or yoga can center you in your body and work your muscles while expressing your vivid imagination.

    Born on the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

    A sense of excitement and possibility pervades the day. You may feel as if you're brimming with great thoughts -- if only you could harness them and organize them into some kind of sense! But under the current influence, coherent thinking is difficult at best. You're better off not worrying about trying to make order out of chaos. Leave that for a day or two from now, when your ideas are more deeply grounded.

    Weekly Horoscope November 10 - 16, Monthly Horoscope November Yearly Horoscope - Sign Traits Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac and certainly the most spiritual. Planets in Pisces express their energy dreamily, mystically and sensitively, but sometimes rather vaguely. Pisces planets are ultimately highly compassionate, though, and so is the Pisces personality when Pisces is the Sun sign. Keywords dreamy, mystical, spiritual, nebulous, vague, confused.

    Weekly horoscope Tensions with siblings may come to a head during the Full Moon, but it's important to clear the air. Say what you've been wanting to say - but remember that you must also take what is dished out to you in return.


    Zodiac Signs and Astrology Signs Meanings and Characteristics

    Monthly horoscope This November, you're learning that it's OK to focus on your own ambitions for a change. Yearly horoscope Love is a relatively quiet year in your love life. Work Work and career are some of the busiest astrological zones for you in , so you can expect to see great progress here. Do you get along like two peas in a pod, or do you go at it like Siamese fighting fish?

    Do you enjoy long, flowing conversations, or do you suffer together through one awkward silence after another? Are you destined to make a meeting of the minds, or do you just have absolutely nothing in common? It is a day for renewed energy after working so hard for the last three days.

    Pisces Daily Horoscope

    It is the most productive day of the week. Lucky numbers for the Pisces female is 12 and male Look for your power number 37 for good luck. Best color for the Pisces female is Mauve and male Sea Green. The people born under this sign have a mystical side to their nature as well as the practical.

    They live idealistically and can be very generous and compassionate. Pisceans feel misunderstood much of the time as they tend to withdraw into a dream world, in quest for new ideas and solutions. They express themselves in literature, music and art.

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    • They love luxury and pleasure. The Pisces is very sensitive, rather than mechanical. Pisceans are loyal, family oriented, kind and giving. There is so much creative energy to this cusp, so much compassion and emotion, that the chores that make daily life run smoothly can easily fall to the wayside. If you are dually ruled by both Uranus and Neptune , know this: You are loved.

      You are amazing. You are brilliant, creative, and highly intelligent. You might feel at times that people just don't GET you. But, hear this: People don't need to get you.

      Horoscope february 18 pisces or pisces
      Horoscope february 18 pisces or pisces
      Horoscope february 18 pisces or pisces
      Horoscope february 18 pisces or pisces
      Horoscope february 18 pisces or pisces

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