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In love, you take things slow and let feelings slowly grow. With the 2nd house ruling money, you can make money in your life through the arts, in the beauty industry, as a negotiator, mediator, or in law. You also tend to have a way of having the money that you need at all times, and require a certain amount of money to feel secure and comfortable in life. Natal Mars in the 2nd House With your natal Mars in your 2nd house, you take a slow, steady approach. Some of you may have a hard time holding onto your disposable income, and money burns through your pockets.

Since the 2nd house can show how you best make money, you could work on your own, in sports or physical fitness, in the military, or in the entertainment industry. Natal Jupiter in the 2nd House With your natal Jupiter in your 2nd house, you can seem to be lucky when it comes to money, and whenever you need some, it somehow comes.

Try not to do this. The 2nd house rules money, so Jupiter here can show that you can make money through writing, speaking, travel, language, dealing with other cultures, the law, or teaching. Natal Saturn in the 2nd House With your natal Saturn in your 2nd house, you may have difficulty attaining the things that you require for stability and security.


This can work for you if you embrace it, and material security can grow later in life. The 2nd house can show how you make money, so with Saturn here, you could work in politics, government, in business, as a CEO, executive, some sort of leader, manager, or in the public eye. Some of you may have no attachment at all to your possessions and live a minimalist lifestyle. Others may use them to get closer to the lifestyle that you want.

You want to be as free as possible, so objects can be seen as something that holds you back. You may value having financial stability more than having possessions, so you can work at having plenty put away for rainy days and emergencies. You can experience periods of extreme financial success and failure. Since the 2nd house rules money, planets here can show how you can make money, so with Uranus here, you could make money through technology, science, innovation, original ideas, in a group, or through friends.

You may try to live as simple of a life as you can, but at times, this may hurt you, and you sacrifice too much, including the basic necessities. Since the 2nd house can show how you make money in life, with Neptune in this house, you can make money through the arts, music, something to do with feet, or water, or through the metaphysical, spiritual, or subconscious.

Natal Pluto in the 2nd House With your natal Pluto in your 2nd house, you want possessions to give you a sense of power and control in your life. The more you have, the more powerful you feel. You can do well with investing and creating long-term financial plans for growth. You may try to work out your finances so you feel as though you have more money, or do some extra work to make more. Having more disposable income makes you feel more secure, as well as having more objects that are of value, so you may purchase something that will be worth more over time.

Transit Moon in the 2nd House Finances are tied to your emotions. You may feel you need more money, and that may be true, with an expense coming up, or it may just be an emotional need. How your self-esteem and your monetary status are linked may be clear to you now, and any changes that need to be made with that relationship can be done.

Making a change in your value system could also be made at this time. Your security is linked to your money during these few days, so what you have may affect how you feel. When this transit is handled well, you can be more practical about your life and feel more grounded, enabling you to be better able to deal with important matters.

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If in a relationship, you may feel a surge in romantic attraction, and want to do something special for your honey. Transit Mercury in the 2nd House With transit Mercury in your 2nd house, you take your time when making decisions. If you have to work with others, they may have a hard time dealing with your slower approach. You take in information easily through experience and your senses, and you remember sights, smells, tastes, and sounds.

Your 11th House Cusp

This is a good time to sit down with your budget and really get into the details of it to come up with a detailed plan and get your finances in order. You also prefer stable people over those who are more erratic since you desire more comfort in your life. You could meet someone through dealing with money like at a store or bank or who works with money like an accountant or banker. You can be good with money during this transit, or you can spend money easily, especially on something beautiful.

You may have an easier time getting your hands on the money that you need when you need it. You want to be financially sound, and can work harder at making more money. You may take on a second job, start a side gig, or pursue some sort of money-making venture. The more money you have, the more secure you feel.

You may strongly defend your beliefs, identifying with them more. This can be a good time to evaluate your values and make sure they fit with your life now. You want more stability, and are less likely to take any big risks. Transit Jupiter in the 2nd House When transit Jupiter is in your 2nd house, you can experience an increase in self-esteem and self-worth.

You may focus on your value system and make adjustments to them, or make adjustments to your life that are more in line with your values. Nevertheless, this aspect can be good for your finances, and you can be presented with or make opportunities for yourself that will increase your financial status.

You should have a productive year no matter what, and get a lot done that needs to be done. You may also be sensual and indulgent.


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Transit Saturn in the 2nd House When transit Saturn is in your 2nd house, you must work hard, and you take a more practical approach to what you do. The chances of something actually happening tend to be lower during this transit. You can learn how to work hard and yield results. Transit Uranus in the 2nd House When transit Uranus is in your 2nd house, you change your core value system, opting for values that are more progressive and with the times, or in with the future times.

You can have an erratic time financially, where you have more than enough money sometimes, and nowhere near enough other times. This can be a period where you earn money in spurts, work freelance, on commission, or through risky ventures that can make you rich or leave you in poverty. Pay attention to your original ideas and innovations, and use that to increase your personal wealth. You can be taken advantage of by people who want to take your money away from you.

Be more careful with your finances. This can be a good time to make money through the arts, feet, water, or the metaphysical. Transit Pluto in the 2nd House When transit Pluto is in your 2nd house, especially during the beginning, you can experience a period where you lose everything you think that you need for security and safety in life. You may lose a lot during this transit, physically, mentally, emotionally, but walk away much stronger. You share your vision with Scorpios and afford importance to materialistic things such as luxury, money, and power. Scorpios will do all they can to meet your expectations.

They will help you take criticism with a light heart while you might be quite aggressive to handle the same. Use your Virgo and Libra attributes to instill balance and harmony in the relationship while also communicating things clearly. Capricorns too make ideal matches for the Virgo Libra cusp. The two are very similar in terms of your wishes and behavior. You are hardworking and know the importance of working with zeal and zest.

Your relationship will be based on trust and faith.

Nurturing / Empathetic / Aesthetic

You are logical individuals who use wisdom to resolve conflicts rather than becoming melodramatic. You are alert, determined, dedicated, and disciplined. Ensure that you respect your Capricorn partner especially at parties and in other social gatherings. Also, keep in mind that your partner can sometimes be reserved and shy. The Virgo Libra cusps also partner well with Taurus. It might be noted that the ruling planet of both Taurus and Libra is Venus.

This makes the couple very compatible! You are both dedicated, hardworking, focused, and disciplined. Furthermore, you will both admire the arts and the joys of materialistic splendors. The cusps can depend on their Taurus partner whenever they need support. They will give you sound advice and opinions.

Virgo-Libra Cusp - Oct2019

However, the Taurus partner can be highly possessive at times, which might have a bearing on your social lifestyle. The Virgo Libra cusp is a perfectionist just like the Virgo from which it derives many of its attributes. A match made in heaven indeed! Your partner will be very caring, devoted, and understanding. A Virgo partner will understand you well and help you make the right decisions.

What makes Virgos the ideal partners is that when one of the Virgo or Libra sides confuses you, the extra Virgo weight from your partner can help settle disputes and make things clearer! At times, you both might creatively differ, in which case we recommend doing away with your conflicts in a creative manner! A relationship between a Virgo Libra cusp and a Libra partner can be highly fulfilling, being based on understanding and trust.

The partners will both be childlike and progress on this journey called life guided by their inner voice and innocence. Some experts, however, believe that this relationship is not the best for marriage. Nevertheless, one of the biggest plus points for this relationship will be that the partners will give each other very sound advice. They will be very demanding of each other, however, and pleasing the other half will be a task indeed!

How about the pairing of a Virgo Libra cusp with another? The relationship will be characterized by a sense of detachment and a lack of deep feelings. The partners will be the talk of the town in social circles but that is pretty much everything for them: they will focus on putting up the best show and not necessarily working on real feelings and their relationship. They will both be obsessed with their physical appearances, once again, putting up the best show without prioritizing the depth of feeling and concern for each other.

They will pay full attention to social considerations. If not taken in the right direction, the relationship is likely to end in gloom and depression.

virgo virgo cusp compatibility finance astrology Virgo virgo cusp compatibility finance astrology
virgo virgo cusp compatibility finance astrology Virgo virgo cusp compatibility finance astrology
virgo virgo cusp compatibility finance astrology Virgo virgo cusp compatibility finance astrology
virgo virgo cusp compatibility finance astrology Virgo virgo cusp compatibility finance astrology
virgo virgo cusp compatibility finance astrology Virgo virgo cusp compatibility finance astrology
virgo virgo cusp compatibility finance astrology Virgo virgo cusp compatibility finance astrology
virgo virgo cusp compatibility finance astrology Virgo virgo cusp compatibility finance astrology

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