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In addition to that, their progeny will also be intelligent and wealthy. According to Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, the combination will bestow native with all kinds of wealth along with fame.

Financial Prosperity in Horoscope-Judge Wealth and Money by Astrology

See the strength of 2nd and 11th lord to see the number of gains. The 9th house represents luck and 11th house gain so this is a very good yoga for pure luck and spiritual progress. Note: The above-said wealth combinations can change to some extent according to holistic chart disposition, conjunction, aspect and Ascendant sign. As the 8th house represents unexpected wealth gains, the association of 8th lord with the houses of 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 11th creates the combination for such type of gains. It will also provide the gains unexpectedly.

Many wives. Blessed with many children and wealth. And last but not least, check how the involved planets are placed from the Moon, because as Moon represents our mind, which has the complete power to manifest what we truly desire and by that strengthening the wealth yogas. Click here to watch a video with Dr. Steve G. Jones about how a mindset can alter life in a way that you never heard before. Accordng to that, when the 9th house or its lord is participating in the Dhana Yogas or Wealth Combinations, it can indicate ripe fruits which are ready to enjoy in the present. It is always wise to continue […].

Read more about Wealth Combinations in […]. Read about Wealth Combinations. Your email address will not be published. Lakshmi Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Take the Kalas of the lord of the ninth from Lagna and the lord of the ninth from the Moon. Add them. Divide it by twelve and take the remainder. Count the remainder from the Moon sign. This is Indu Lagna. If there is a benefic without any melefic, the native become a multi-millionaire.

How to Know the Magnitude of Wealth with Astrology

If there is a malefic, his wealth is in thousands only. If the melefic is exalted. Rahu Ketu is not used in this calculation as they do not have the power to sustain anything like other planets and basically the moon. And also because they do not own any signs in the zodiac primarily. The rule Scorpio and Aquarius as co-lords only not as main lords. This yoga happens between 2 nd , 11 th and 9 th houses.


Vedic Astrology Lesson 35 - Wealth Ascendant ( Dhana Lagna )

Dhan means wealth, so as its name implies, it gives the time period to earn a lot of money. When dusthana Lords are placed in dusthana 6th,8th ,12th lords houses, that makes vipreet Rajyoga.

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In case of Vipreet Rajyoga, the first half of the dasa period goes haywire but the send half becomes very nice, smooth and easy, this yoga gives a happy ending to a struggle you can say. This Rajyoga also gives very good amount of wealth but not easy wealth.

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You need to struggle first then enjoy the fruit. Chandra Moon - Mangal mars Yoga: This yoga indicates whether a person has the inherent ability to earn money or not.

Know your Ascendant

This yoga gives special ability to earn. I have seen many people with this yoga in their horoscopes who make money out of anything. Give them anything, they will convert that into its monetary equivalent. This yoga forms when Moon and Mars both are aspecting each other or are together in a house. Some people take the conjunction of these two planets as powerful as mutual aspect.

But, in my practical experience, I have seen aspect is more powerful. This yoga can make you a little bit confused. If you are a beginner in astrology practice so I will recommend not to follow this yoga. But for advancement, you obviously can apply this rule. The placement of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury in 6 th , 7 th or 8 th house forms this yoga.

Some people see this yoga from ascendant and the moon both. But, I recommend you to see this from Lagna only. The reason is — this yoga has many other variations. Only on the basis of placement of these planets cannot give the ultimate result of this raj yoga. Later I will discuss on this yoga separately in another article.

It is not the universal truth or applicable. On the other hand, a man with prominent Raj yoga in his Kundli may be poor. Yoga apart from Rajyogas can make you rich:. Vedic astrology clears this doubt by describing some sound yogas or combinations which show good financial prosperity that can bless a person with wealth. More the number of theme combinations more the person becomes rich. The houses of a birth chart which hold importance regarding this are:.

The 2 nd house: The main place of money, especially the saved money or bank balance. The conditions of 2nd house and lord hold main key to knowing the secret of wealth. But, remember Second house must have one or more benefic planets. The whole chart should be judged to understand the result of planets in the second house. On the other hand, 11th house and its lord should be quite strong.

All planets in this house give good result, especially malefic planets, like Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu. The presence of malefic planets in this house indicates great wealth. For example, Mars is a malefic planet it should give very good result in this house, but it may not give if this Mars is 8 th lord too. Now, a good relationship between these two lords 2 nd and 11 th can mould your life completely, if those are placed correctly.

If both the lords are strong and are connected with each other by aspect or conjunction, or are placed in a very strong Kendra or Kona house it can give a person huge money. If those are even stronger then obviously it can give birth of a billionaire. If strong 5 th , 9 th and the 10 th house also joins the combination then it indicates straight to millionaires. The most powerful yoga is when either of the 2 nd and 11 th lord or both together are in Lagna, 9 th , 10 th or 11 th house.

Bill Gates has Chandra — Mangal Moon and Mars posited just opposite to each other, in his natal chart Moon is the 2nd lord and Mars is the 11 th lord, thus the relation between 2 nd house and 11 th house is established. Any combination of 1 st house, 5 th house and 9th lords are extremely auspicious. The Combination of the 9 th house,1 st or lagna house and 5 th house lords in houses of a chart like 1 st, 5th, 9 th , 10th, and 11 th makes a person celebrity and wealthy.

Even if this combination is present in the 8 th house of the horoscope so it can give huge wealth.

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