Horoscope of 6 march

Venus enters Aquarius

Meditate to regain balance and harmony. The Princess of Cups infuses a youthful, gracious and gentle quality in your life today.

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You can change patterns and make breakthroughs in personal and professional aspects. Your daughter or young woman is ready to take off on an independent journey. Lucky number 5.

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Colour rose pinks. You are capable and steadfast while resolving important issues and business hassles. You are slow to anger but implacable if aroused in family situations. You are centered, yet alive and vital, living life totally with a spiritual quality of love and awareness. Lucky number 4.

Birthday Horoscope March 6th

Colour brown. You can expect professional satisfaction and acclaim with media exposure and gain, all being linked together. You are above tiny details, or nitty-gritty but have broad perspectives.

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You can be disappointed in relationships if your expectations are too high. Lucky number Parents and relatives may need attention. Business and professional matters are resolved effortlessly with your old mastery and expertise. You tend to spend too much time and energy on details at the expense of larger issues.

ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr. 20)

Put things in perspective! When faced with choices its best to go with your nature rather than against it. A wonderful opportunity takes you towards success and fame. You are receptive to new ideas and intuitive in relationships. You know how to get along with people if the circumstances are right.

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You are a very non-confrontational person. You are also not very possessive regarding your ideas. Accordingly, you can get along with most other people. Your big challenge is that you tend to lose your identity when you find yourself surrounded by other people, especially if you are exposed to people with particularly strong personalities.

While your sympathetic, intuitive, and sensitive sides can be quite positive in most circumstances, in other settings they can actually hold you back. You have to know where to draw the line. You know that you should be appreciated. It becomes very corrosive and you build up a lot of resentment. Water is very emotional. While it does have its positive side like your compassionate and caring nature, it also has its very corrosive side. You tend to take things very emotionally.

In your desire to placate and soothe everybody, you end up selling yourself short.

This, of course, can only go on for so long until you start harming yourself on an emotional level. The particular side of Neptune that is strongest in Pisces people born on March 6 is your introverted, loving, and loyal side. You have what it takes to be a team player. You have what it takes to be a truly loving romantic partner.

Unfortunately, if you look at things too emotionally, you end up reading too much into things, you end up walking away with the worst impression, and this leads you to feeling bad and feeling stuck in your career and your relationships. Our communication planet is still in retrograde, and when squared with Jupiter, it may be more difficult than usual to identify the right moment to speak. Choose your words carefully.

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  4. The Sun leaves Pisces and enters Aries season on the 20th, igniting our desire to get moving and leave winter behind. On the 21st, Venus sextiles Jupiter, creating a dreamy vibe for our relationships. The planet of love and beauty squares Mars, introducing a bit of friction on the 21st.

    Communication, both in and out of the bedroom, will be of the utmost important on this day. On the 24th, when a retrograde Mercury conjoins with Neptune, it might be hard to express yourself clearly.

    horoscope of 6 march Horoscope of 6 march
    horoscope of 6 march Horoscope of 6 march
    horoscope of 6 march Horoscope of 6 march
    horoscope of 6 march Horoscope of 6 march
    horoscope of 6 march Horoscope of 6 march

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